Acmecast #207 - Reindeer Games!

Lord Retail is joined by a cavalclade of Acme alumni including John Bethel (ep #106 Good Ol’ Children of the Atom, ep. #185 America Still Needs Your Help), Jay Howerton (ep. 120 People v. Acmecast), Ryan Rubio (Acmecast #166 Weapon X-Files, Acmecast #141 Gijoey), and newcomer Devin Turner to bask in the glory of the Marvel cinematic universe, past, present, and future!

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Acme First Look #356 for 9.3.14

Lots to get into today! I got a 9kg/ 20# back squat PR this morning, putting me at 145kg/ 320#!

Jack Kirby would have been 97 today! Coincidentally I’m re-reading the original New Gods saga right now (I got the Kamandi Omniboo for my birthday and wanted to keep the King DC goodness alive) and there’s really never been anything else quite like it, from building all of that at the same time and kicking it off in a book that had already been running for over 125 issues to the crazy Kirby machines and the charming way the O’Ryan gang reiterates their names every time they’re on the page.

Resolution WEEK 36 Accountability: Just a straight 15 with two final issues! Good thing there’s the Giant-Size Kung Fu Bible Stories!

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Acme E-Mail Update for 8.27.14 - Oh Baby, Give Me One More Chance!


In October, Acme Comics Presents is the place to be!

In barely two months, our sister store, located immediately next door to Acme Comics, has experienced growth in sales, increased available product lines, and is reaching many new customers via the Acme Comics Presents Facebook and Instagram pages!

Every week, find your way to ACP to check out the latest imported Doctor Who merchandise, new and classic Transformers, t-shirts, blind box mini figures, and more!

In addition to hosting the fun of the 2014 Halloween Comic Fest in October, Acme Comics Presents is calling on you and any artists in your home to pick up your pencils, pens, and markers now!

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This Week’s Comics - Wednesday, August 27th

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Acmecast #206 - Out of Step!

Stephen and Riley are joined in the studio by Out of Step CrossFit owner and head coach Rob Turner as they get into their divergent and intersecting paths, making fitness and comics work for YOU, and a big week of debut issues with the Fade Out, Dark Horse Presents, Little Nemo Return to Slumberland and Multiversity!

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Acme First Look #355 for 8.27.14

Freezing my butt off as I attempt to calm (and, hopefully, kill) the swarm of bees amassing in the back-backroom (the uninsulated closet behind the office) of Acme Comics Presents. Jody plugged up their means of egress yesterday afternoon, and while that will cut off the influx of any new yellow jackets, it’s thrown those that had already made their way in into a panic.

Extra special treat coming your way on tomorrow’s Acmecast #206!

Sin City 2 comes out this weekend. When I read A Dame to Kill For at the Borders on High Point Road back in 2005, it was unlike anything I’d ever read before Carly and I loved the original so much we bought three copies of the DVD just to get all of the different slipcases. I still laugh thinking about the Frank Miller’s Riverdale sketch that Mon Frere did at the Idiot Box (Afterlife with Archie is probably the closet we’ll actually get to that in the comics). All that said, I don’t know if I’ll actually head out to the theater.

Resolution WEEK 35 Accountability: 25, since the last week of the month is always busy.

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Acme E-Mail Update for 8.20.14 - Ask Not What Your Shopping Center Can Do For You…


…ask what you can do for your shopping center!

As Greensboro’s oldest strip mall, dating back to 1947, the Lawndale Shopping Center has a long and storied history in the Gate City for nurturing small businesses and helping them excel as part of an ever-changing local community!

This past Saturday’s Lawndale Fest was a perfect example of a grassroots effort by a locally-owned establishment coming together for great deals and delicious food!

We look forward to even more of those types of events as we move closer to Lawndale Shopping Center’s 70th Anniversary as a retail, service, and restaurant destination! Especially with this week’s new appointment of Geeksboro’s Joe Scott as Lawndale Shopping Center Association president (effective October 1st) and our own Stephen Mayer as treasurer (effective January 1st)!

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This Week’s Comics - Wednesday, August 20th

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Acmecast #205 - In another moment down went Jermaine & Stephen after it…

Jermaine & Stephen set sail without a compass, throwing caution to the wind, and end up way down the rabbit hole as they wind their way through comics, movies and, of course, retail!

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Acme First Look #354 for 8.20.14
This is how I feel pretty much any time I interview someone on Acmecast.

I’m actually flying a little blind this week because our invoice hasn’t been generated by Diamond on time, so I apologize for any inconsistencies between my list here and This Week’s Comics, but I’m feeling anxious and want to get the list down now.

Resolution WEEK 34 Accountability: 19. I doubt I’m hanging around for every issue of DHP or Sensation Comics and I’m giving the new art on Ghost Rider one issue, so really more like 16. The 16 this week is one of the first times in this whole experiment that I’ve actually gone back and caught up on a series I’d previously ignored (in this case Justice League United), which was one of the reason I wanted to do the whole thing in the first place.

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