Acme E-Mail Update for 10.12.11 - Mark Your Calenders!


It’s a long and loopy day here at Acme! Jermaine has just eaten for the first time and it’s already 4 PM and Stephen’s still trying to pick his jaw up off the floor after watching the Avengers trailer!

We, the deciders of things, continue to work hard to figure out what events, specials, and sales will populate your weeks between now and the start of the Holiday Season!


Above is just a taste of what you’re in for this Satuday, October 15th from 10 AM - 7 PM! Recently we came into one of the largest Transformers collections that we’ve seen in the last decade, totaling over 150 pieces! It includes:

  • Beast Wars - Loose and in box.
  • Beast Wars Transmetals - In box.
  • Armada - In box.
  • Robots in Disguise - In box

With a couple of Generation 1's mixed in! To celebrate getting back in the Transformers game in a big way, we'll be offering 50% OFF our Transformers back issues (Marvel through IDW) and 25% OFF our Transformers TPBs and HCs (mainly IDW with some Titan mixed in)!

Finally, after hours on Saturday, the Mixed Tape Road Show will be on hand with their 16 foot inflatible screen and projector to play two classic Generation One episodes and two Beast Wars episodes hand-picked by Jermaine and Stephen! See why this particular toy line means so much to us and fans the world over! 

The weather should be clear so bring a lawn chair (and maybe a blanket) and enjoy with us right out in front of the store!

NC Comic Con 2011

The show is just three weeks away! Stephen is printing up business cards and banners to make the AWP word known in the Triangle!

THIS JUST IN: Brian Smith, co-creator of Stuff of Legend and sole-creator of the Intrepid EscapeGoat will be joining us at the Acme Wave Projector Podcast table all weekend!  If you come down, do stop by!  And for those who can’t make it, Smitty will be on hand at Acme a few days ahead of the N.C. Comicon to sign your copies of Escape Goat in the shop!

Comics for Creators

We’ll have further details later this week, but we’re working on an event for Saturday, November 12th!

Step One: We’re asking everyone to donate any comics you’re prepared to part with to us. Maybe it’s a storyline that doesn’t sit well with you. Maybe something that you’ve got in paperback or hardcover that you no longer need in issue form.

Step Two: The comics you’ve donated, along with some that we provide, will be assembled into an Alphabetized Sidewalk Sale!  The price of the donated books will be $1 each and all of the proceeds from the sale of those donated comics will go to the Hero Initiative charity for comic creators in need! 

If you are not familiar with what the Hero Initiative does, please visit:

We know that this will be a great way for everyone to make some much needed room in their boxes and homes AND help a great cause at the same time! The deadline for donations will be Saturday, October 29th!

Click the link for a complete list

  • DC COMICS PRESENTS JLA AGE OF WONDER - Superman forms a League of Science to battle for progress in the 1800s! The fantastic and hard to find two part Elseworlds mini is collected for the very first time! This was greatly under appreciated when it originally released, but now everyone will have access! Featuring great redesigns on Superman, Flash, Starman, and others!
  • DEMON KNIGHTS #2 - The struggle that will engulf the dark ages and reach through to the present day is at hand! Magic and mystery unfold as Etrigan gains more allies in the battle against Mordru, one of the greatest wizards the DC universe has ever seen! Fans of Stormwatch keep an eye on this one also written by Paul Cornell and vice versa!
  • SHADE #1 (OF 12) - The moment Starman fans have waited years for is here! James Robinson returns to the world of Opal City! An attack on the Starman Museum angers the unpredictable Shade and he sets out on a quest that will take him around the DC Universe! Upcoming artists include Gene Ha, Javier Pulido, Jill Thompson, Darwyn Cooke, and more! The entire Starman saga is reprinted in six deluxe hardcovers, an Acme favorite!
  • X-MEN REGENESIS ONE SHOT - Shockwaves of the Schism within the X-men rock Utopia! Wolverine is gone and some X-men chose to leave with him after the way the last stand on Utopia unfolded. See who is going where and why in this lead in to Uncanny X-men #1 and Wolerine & the X-men #1! Even if you missed Schism, you can check this one out!
  • ABSOLUTE IDENTITY CRISIS HC - The groundbreaking DC event that brought scores of readers back to the DCU and kicked off an era of gritty storytelling is collected in a oversized hardcover with slipcase! When a member of the Justice League’s supporting case is murdered, it appears that secret identities are compromised! But that is only the beginning as a long buried secret among the super heroes exploded back to the present day! Written by acclaimed novelist Brad Meltzer with art by Rags “Action Comics” Morales!
  • BATMAN ARKHAM CITY HC - Bridging the gap between the Arkham Asylum and Arkham City video games! Collecting the five issue mini series, plus extras!

And finally, this weekened is the fabled New York Comic-Con!  This massive show features a ton of creators (Matt Fraction, Stuart Immonen, Walt Simonson, Lee Weeks, Sara Pichelli, Olivier Coipel, Geoff Johns) as well as media stars (Felicia Day, Doc Hammer, Jackson Publick). And it will also feature Acme’s own Ms. Marvel from Free Comic Book Day 2011, Sarah!  Wish Sarah a successful convention and luck in her quest to get a photo with the cast of the Avengers movie who will also be present!  


Acme Comics:










  • Acme First Look #205 - Stephen’s So-Called Emo Life! - Mega Man, Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass, Avatar the Last Airbender VG, Keeping up with the Kardashians and the Wonder Years!


  • Acmecast #46 - Speed Round! - Jermaine, Stephen, Frank and Adam share their reading plans for an other wise light week, Jermaine is joined by John and Ryan for part three of the Avengers Assemble series, and Stephen puts the pressure on as Jermaine tries to review all 13 DC #2’s in 30 seconds or less!
  • Instant Depths #20 - Space Hobbit - In this episode our hosts discuss A Boy and His Dog and Arena. They give what may have been the lowest ratings for a movie yet and Jay proves his theory about terrible movie lovers.




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