Acme E-Mail Update for 2.29.12 - FCBD x2!!!


We’d like to say that not only was the Womanthology event a tremandous success, but after much discussion, we agree that it is the event of which we are most proud to have hosted at Acme Comics. 

We are proud of J. Brian Ewing for facilitating the discussion at Bennett College’s Global Learning Center. We are proud of the two high school kids who rode three buses across town to attend.  We’re proud of Janet, Ming, and Chrissie for drawing astoundingly high quality sketches for almost a full business day. And the fact that the Greensboro News & Record, News Channel 14, and this week’s edition of Yes Weekly saw fit to cover this event proves once again that Greensboro IS a city that loves comic books.

A HUGE thanks to everyone that came out to support Acme Comics and our guests Ming, Janet and Chrissie at Bennett College this weekend for the Womanthology Summit! It was one of the most open and progressive panel discussions we’ve ever heard.  And we have been to panels at many, many comic cons over the years. The information they shared with the room truly made it a one-of-a-kind scene to behold!

If you missed out on the panel, we did record it so you can hear it by tuning in to this week’s Acmecast #66!

And thanks to all the folks that stopped by the store to say “hi” to our guests and pre-ordered a copy of the anthology! It is a truly special book with more ties to the Triad and North Carolina than even we knew! There are still a handful of copies felt from our initial order available, so request one today!

The first look at the newest addition to the Acme Bat sketch collection, a la Ming Doyle!


We’ve been waiting for the right chance to release this news, and on the heels of last weekend’s overwhelming success, that time is NOW!

Your guesses have been correct, and this May we’ll be expanding the scope of our Free Comic Book Day Con fesitivities to include one of the most beloved educational facilities in Greensboro, just a short trip down our very own Lawndale Drive, at the Greensboro Natural Science Center!

Our goal here is to reach brand new families who have no idea what Free Comic Book Day is, how it works, or have been intimidated by the sheer volume of fans at the shop over the years on that day of days. 

Included in your daily admission to the city’s best interactive museum and zoo, you’ll have access to FREE books, face-painting, and costumed heroes that’ll be happy to take a picture with you!

For their part, the wonderful staff and volunteers at the Science Center will be doing animal demonstrations, like a hedgehog that’ll hang out with Sonic and a goat that might try to take a bite out of Thomas Fleet, the Intrepid EscapeGoat! 

The Natural Science Center will also be hosting a pet adoption on their grounds that day so perhaps in addition to coming home with comics, you may come home with a new family member!

And of course, a keystone to part of the Acme Comics Free Comic Book Day Con is our guest artists. We’ll have a whole roster of returning and new faces ready and waiting to draw all your favorite characters!

It’s our hope that this new initiative will spread the gospel of comics to residents of the Triad area who might not otherwise be able to particpate, especially with the crowds, as well as providing another opportunity to make FCBD an all day event full of mind-enriching experiences and non-stop fun!

Click the link for a complete list

  • FANTASTIC FOUR #603 FOREVER PART 4 - Things escalate during the battle for Earth between the Kree Armada and the Annihilation Wave as the Mad Celestials from another dimension arrive! Galactus is on the scene as well, but it could be an intervention from the Future Foundation that turns the tide!
  • PROPHET #22 - Prophet has awakened in the far off future and must complete the mission no matter what. Even if it leads him into a desert wasteland that is also the final resting place of giant robots. Second printings of the runaway sci-fi hit Prophet #21 where this story began are in stock now! Glory is currently sold out with Bloodstrike and Supreme still to come! Adjust your subscription lists accordingly!
  • SECRET AVENGERS #23 THE DESCENDANTS PART 2 - A new team of Secret Avengers has come together just in time as a major threat to the Marvel universe makes startling moves! Rick Remender from Uncanny X-force is the new writer and he is bringing a fan favorite character in his stable to the Secret Avengers!
  • BATMAN VS BANE TP - This is the never-before reprinted and frequently requested Bane of the Demon mini series! Find out how Bane came to be under the tutelage of Ra’s al Ghul before his surprising return in the Batman Legacy storyline! Recommended reading for anyone who enjoyed Knightfall!  Requests have already been coming in from subscribers wanting to secure copies!
  • DC UNIVERSE SECRET ORIGINS HC - Get the classic silver age origins of the premiere DC Comics super heroes all in one handy resource volume! Martian Manhunter, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Challengers of the Unknown, Green Lantern, Aquaman, and all the rest! Not a handbook, these are the stories from the Secret Origins comics from the 1960s!
  • WALLY WOOD E.C. COMICS STORIES ARTIST EDITION HC - Even if you are already a fan of the legendary Wally Wood, if you have never seen his original artwork, you are in for a treat! These are original pages of some of Wood’s finest material as turned in to E.C. comics for publication! IDW’s Artists editions are the #1 hot item among artists and advanced comic book enthusiasts who want to see classic art in the purest form.

We leave you with this: It’s that time of the year again.

The time when the people at San Diego Comic Con want your input on the best and brightest comic shops in the WORLD! 

Stores can nominate themselves for the Will Eisner Spirit of Comics Retailing Award, but we have never done it that way. We leave such matters up to the public. If you feel we exemplify a love of comics and graphic art, are good ambassadors of the hobby to the world, and maintain honorable business practices, click the link below and make your opinion known.



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  • Art & Reading Rock! - Community Day at the Weatherspoon Art Museum - Saturdayl, April 21st  1 - 4 PM with special guest Chris Schweizer!
  • Acme First Look #224 - Stephen’s So-Called Emo Life! - Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, Flying Fish, Gingerman and Pitchers & Catchers report.

  • Acmecast #65 - C is for Cookie - Jermaine, Stephen, Frank and Adam chat with Glory and Hell Yeah writer Joe Keatinge on the day of Gloriana’s debut about his time behind the scenes at Image Comics, learning under the tutelage of Eric Stephenson, and the concept that’s been brewing in his head since he was 10 years old! Then the guys dust off their non-existent legal degrees to discuss the lawsuits surrounding Ghost Rider and the Walking Dead! Finally, they have watched Comic Book Men. And, yes, they let you know what they thought.