Acmecast #136 - Kelly Sue’s Tales! & Acmecast #137 - It’s Picking Up!
Acmecast #137 will be available on 3.18.13 at 9 AM!

Jermaine, Stephen, Riley and Jody sit down to spend an hour with Avengers Assemble and Captain Marvel writer Kelly Sue DeConnick about the success of Carol Danvers’ series, her upcoming crossover with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the continuation of Ghost for Dark Horse, the Kraken’s creator-owned Pretty Deadly from Image with artist Emma Rios, and the labor-of-love that is Winter’s Tales!

Then Jermaine, Riley and Jody give Stephen the floor to rail against the wacked-out psuedo-science of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, then it’s Lord Retail’s turn to pull out his soapbox and opine on the constitution of the modern comic speculator! But before we let you go, it’s an adamantium laser-fine claw edition of Comics at the Table!

Acmecast #136 Show Notes:

Acmecast #137 Show Notes:

Want to hang on to Acmecast a little longer? Direct download #136 here in m4a or direct download #136 in mp3 and direct download #137 here in m4a or direct download #137 in mp3! You can also subscribe on iTunes!

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